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Southern Tagalog Exposure is an independent multimedia collective of young artists and workers based in the Philippines’ Southern Tagalog Region. Alongside traditionally used protest visual art forms such as street theater, mural paintings, sculptural effigies, ST Exposure appropriates multimedia as medium to advance social change by arousing the larger society on pressing issues concerning the marginalized and underserved sectors in the region particularly the peasants, fisher folks, worker, urban poor, national minorities, gays and lesbians, women and children.

ST eXposure mainly produces and exhibit socio-political digital video documentaries and audio-visual works. These videos have been exhibited in various venues ranging from improvised public screenings during overnight protest vigils in the streets of Mendiola, to the air conditioned theatres of the yearly alternative Film and Digital Video Festivals held in the country and abroad. Furthermore, as part of its thrust to popularize progressive digital media, it facilitates output-oriented alternative digital video workshops.

ST eXposure is a collective of socially active young multi-media artists. Being student activists in college, their passion for the visual arts developed at the backdrop of a congruent sense of social responsibility. Thus, although the individual members of the group came from different non-visual arts background, they found common ground in their passionate resolve to commit themselves and their artistic inclinations on themes about the struggle of the socially disadvantaged and disenfranchised, as well as the “resurgence of movements of resistance and liberation” in Southern Tagalog.

The works of ST eXposure are the offsprings of their integration and interaction with workers, peasants, urban poor and indigenous people who allowed them to document their pain, struggle and persistence within a movement of resistance and liberation that they have inevitably embraced as their own.

You may email us at stexposure@gmail.com

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