In February 6, 2010, 43 health workers conducting a medical training in Morong, Rizal were arrested and accused of being members of the communist New People’s Army. They suffered physical and psychological torture while in military custody.

“43” is a short documentary on the plight of the arrested health workers. It uses shadowplay to dramatize their experience in the hands of their captors.

A production of ST eXposure, Anino Shadowplay Collective and DEFEND-Southern Tagalog | 13 min. | 2010



An 8min video-tribute for Bayan Muna Representative Satur Ocampo, a true Nationalist and servant of the Filipino masses.

Produced by ST eXposure and BAYAN MUNA | 8min. | 2009







WW 111 (2006)

An animated music video of a song by renowned Filipino singer/songwriter Dong Abay, describing the on-going war in the country. The video communicates the collective consciousness of a people questioning the unjust war pepetrated by those in power.

Produced by ST eXposure and Artists for the Removal of Gloria (Arrest Gloria), | 4min. | Color, Digital Video| Director/Editor: STEXPOSURE | Videography: Red Redondo, Charise Posadas | Still Photography: Brendan Goco, Pao de Silva |

Best Animated Music Video, Professional Division, ANIMAHINASYON 2007 Pinoy Animation Festival


A Day in the Life of Gloria ArroVo

A short animation series, “A Day in the Life of Gloria Arrovo” is a satire on the different political and economic issues the country is facing under  the Arroyo administration.

Produced by ST eXposure and Artists for the Removal of Gloria (Arrest Gloria!) | Digital Video Animation | 2006-2010

Honorable Mention, Animation Category, 19th Gawad CCP for Alternative Film and Video

(Episode 5: Imperialist’s Puppet part 1: Expanded Value Added Tax – Finalist, ANIMAHINASYON 2007 Pinoy Animation Festival)



The video “Tuparin Natin Ang Banta ng Ating Panahon” is a parody of the political turmoil gripping President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo over the controversial “Hello Garci” tapes.  A collaboration of independent artists, the video uses different media aside from video–poetry, shadow play, picture cut-outs and sketches–  to present lightly a rather grim subject.

Produced by ST eXposure and the Artists for the Removal of Gloria (ARREST Gloria!) | 4 min. | Color, Digital Video Animation | 2005

2nd Place. Animation Category. Ika-18 Gawad CCP Para sa Alternatibong Pelikula


Pangulong Fort

Calamba, Laguna — September 22, 2005, Diosdado “Ka Fort’ Fortuna, Union President in Nestle Phil. Cabuyao, Laguna and Chairperson of Anakpawis Southern Tagalog, was gunned-down by unidentified motorcycle-riding assailants. He was the first victim of the Arroyo regime‘s Calibrated Preemptive Response (CPR) and was killed in the middle of an ongoing labor dispute with the management of Nestle.
“Pangulong Fort” is a 16-minute video tribute in memory of a militant leader of the Philippine labor movement who dedicated his life to the struggle for workers’ rights and welfare.

Produced by ST eXposure and the Pagkakaisa ng mga Manggagawa sa Timog Katalugan – Kilusang Mayo Uno | 16 min. | Color, Digital Video | 2005


Red Saga

A vivid landscape of metaphors on contemporary Philippine politics. A poetic take on the peasant struggle and the protracted people’s war in Philippine countrysides.

Produced by the MOWELFUND Film Institute, Philippine Information Agency, ST eXposure | 14 min. | 16 mm Black and White, Color. | 2004

1st Prize, Kodak Philippines Film School Competion | Runner-up, KodakAsia-Pacific Film School Competition.


Ang Kaaway (The Enemy)

A compilation video documentary that fearlessly exposes US imperialism as the root of oppression and poverty in Philippine society. The documentary traverses the different periods in the history of the Philippines wherein direct and indirect US imperialist control and intervention took place. The work seeks to arouse audiences to understand and be one with the struggle of the Filipino people for a country and a world that is ultimately free from the shackles of imperialism.

Produced by ST eXposure in cooperation with the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan-Timog Katagalugan | 54 min. | Color, Digital Video |2003


There’s Blood In Your Coffee

A  documentation  of  the massive protests launched by the striking workers in Nestle Cabuyao, Laguna, the largest Nestle Plant in Asia.  The camera eye captures the violence that eventually erupts and thrusts the viewer into the frontlines of the struggle.

Produced by ST eXposure and the Pagkakaisa ng mga Manggagawa sa Timog Katalugan – Kilusang Mayo Uno | 22 min. | Color, Digital Video.| 2003


Alingawngaw ng mg Punglo (Echo of Bullets)
After a year and 10 months in power, the Macapagal – Arroyo regime has committed 967 cases of human rights violations in the Southern Tagalog Region. “Alingawngaw ng mga Punglo” discusses the grim human rights situation in the region.It seeks to let the voices of the victims be heard: their anguished cry for justice and call for lasting peace.

Produced by ST eXposure and KARAPATAN – Southern Tagalog | 48 mins. | Color, Digital Video | 2003

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