Bayan-Southern Tagalog call for Genuine Change after 30 Years of EDSA 1


25 February 2016 | Quezon City – Hundreds from the Southern Tagalog region led by umbrella group Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) – ST today trooped to the EDSA to commemorate the three decades of the historic EDSA People Power revolt in 1986 and to register the people’s demand for genuine change.

The groups marched their way towards EDSA from Mendiola early in the morning bringing with them white roses to kick-off their observance of the historic people power uprising that toppled the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos.

“Thirty years after EDSA 1, meaningful and genuine change remain elusive. We’ve been through several elections and presidents, and yet the struggle of ordinary Filipinos against human rights violations, poverty and injustice persist to this day,” Diego Torres, spokesperson of BAYAN-ST lamented.


He added, “It is about time that we rally behind leaders that will uphold the spirit of EDSA and the collective action of the people against tyranny, corruption and human rights violations. This is only possible if people will once again unite not only to ensure that elections are clean and fair but more importantly, that people will demand for genuine societal change.”

Torres also echoed the people’s indignation over Noynoy’s worsening record of human rights violations, the latest being the burning of the temporary shelters of lumad evacuees in Davao City last February 24.


“By all indications, it is becoming clear that Noynoy is no different from Marcos in terms of perpetrating terror and atrocities against innocent civilians such as activist groups and leaders,” Torres said.



Boni Ilagan, ex-detainee, Martial Law Survivor

Under the Aquino’s OPLAN Bayanihan counter insurgency measure, he added that the gestapo-type extrajudicial killings, illegal arrests and hamletting of civilian communities are reminiscent of the Martial Law era. Citing the prevailing cases of state-perpetrated rights violations against militant groups and supporters, the latest being the burning of the lumad shelters in Davao on Tuesday, the groups said that Noynoy’s observance is just for show to cover up his regime’s bloody human rights record.



The group also chided Aquino and his Liberal Party’s partisan observance of the EDSA at the expense of government resources, saying that EDSA 1 is a victory of collective struggle of Filipinos and not one family or political group or color.#

See Video | Protest March @ 30th year of EDSA 1



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