Malacañang’s refusal to allow S. Tagalog groups to lodging, Added ‘security measures’ prove Aquino’s fear of mass SONA protest


The Southern Tagalog People’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) delegation led by Southern Tagalog Resign Movement Against Aquino (ST REMOVE AQUINO) condemned today BS Aquino’s prodding to the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) administration to refuse the former lodging for tonight.

By noon today, the PUP administration changed their earlier decision at the last minute and turned down ST REMOVE AQUINO’s request to stay for the coming night, forcing the delegation to change the itinerary for the remainder of the Bigkisan ng Mamamayan.

Aside from lodging, the groups also planned to apply the finishing touches for their effigy.

Diego Torres, spokesperson of ST REMOVE AQUINO, said that the swift change of decision came at a juncture when BS Aquino has allegedly been shoring up security for the SONA on Monday.

“News reports have flooded that more concrete barriers, concertina wires and container trucks have lined up the road to Batasang Pambansa – as if he is expecting enemy soldiers from China. Is he afraid of the people?” asked Torres.

Human rights groups, watchdogs and even media personalities have termed the usual “security measures” overkill – that even Martial Law veterans have never witnessed such formations in their time.

During the last SONAs of Aquino, state forces have hurt more than a hundred after violent dispersals.

Coincidentally, ST REMOVE AQUINO stages their third in a six-chapter event, which was featured by the presentation of the various cases of human rights violations and the prevalence of social inequality during Aquino’s now-concluding term.

“The actual scare that the mass movement calling for Aquino’s ouster is eventually the result of the many sins and massive negligence he has brought upon the people,” said Torres.


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