STagalog Groups Hit ‘Lavish’ Spending for Aquino’s SONA Amidst People’s Woes


Militant groups in Southern Tagalog today criticized what they called another display of indifference of Noynoy Aquino and the Liberal Party leaders of House of Representatives amid the prevailing suffering and woes faced by ordinary Filipinos under Aquino’s term.

Reacting to newspaper reports, indicating that the running bill for the reception and snacks for the SONA would reach to about 2.5 million, BAYAN-Southern Tagalog denounced the lavish display as an utter showcase of how insensitive the government has become.

“This is another symbolic manifestation of how Noynoy Aquino and his Liberal Party minions in Congress are devoid of mercy and compassion to the many people and families who are in dire need of basic social services. Up to his last SONA, Noynoy Aquino remained the callous haciendero that he is, and we can never expect anything that would serve the interests of the poor and marginalized in his final and bogus SONA,” said Iya Franca, BAYAN-ST spokesperson.

Farmers groups demanding for the return of the coco levy funds in Quezon Province also criticized Aquino for disregarding their rightful demands.

Arvin Boromeo, CLAIM-Quezon Chairperson, said that while Noynoy and capitalist and landlord guests enjoy the grand SONA theater funded by taxpayers, coco farmers, many of whom are landless continue to suffer in the rural areas. This is furthered by the continuing militarization in many areas in the province and in the region. The group said that up to a thousand farmers from Quezon will be joining the SONA protest next week.

CLAIM-Quezon, along with BAYAN-ST and other sectoral groups, call for Aquino’s removal as their ultimate demand leading to the SONA 2015 to address the worsening poverty and discontent over his regime, which is under the dictates of the imperialist US government and other capitalist interests. They are now holding a weeklong caravan that started last July 20 in Quezon province and will culminate in a people’s protest on July 27. The caravan is now heading to Sta. Rosa, Laguna for the State of the Region Address, and will be in Manila starting tomorrow, 24 July.

Citing their pre-SONA battlecry, Bigkisan ng mga Mamamayan para Patalsikin si Aquino Tungo sa Pagbabago, Franca said, “We are all the more pushed to pursue our call for Noynoy’s immediate ouster to end his anti-people and anti-poor reign. And we will showcase our united stand for a display of rage and discontent come SONA of the People.”

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