Remembering Eden and Eddie

STeXposure Magazine Cover | May 2003 Special Issue on Eden and Eddie

On April 21, 2003, two prominent activists from the Philippines’ Southern Tagalog Region, Eden Marcellana and Eddie Gumanoy, along with nine other members of a human rights quick response team (QRT) were abducted by suspected military men in the Island of Mindoro.

Eden was then the secretary general of human rights group Karapatan – Southern Tagalog, and Eddie was the chairperson of the regional peasant alliance, Kasama-TK. The next day, their bodies were found, bearing signs of brutal torture. The other abducted members of the QRT, including STeXposure co-founder King Catoy, survived the incident.

Suspected to have masterminded the atrocity is retired Army general Jovito Palparan, who at the time served as colonel and commander of the 204th Infantry Brigade of the Philippine Army stationed in Mindoro. He earned the moniker “Berdugo ng Mindoro” (The Butcher of Mindoro) as early as 2001 for allegedly orchestrating the killing of several activists in the island.

Eden and Eddie were staunch critics of Palparan as well as the government’s counter insurgency program which they believed has only caused grave human rights violations.

On the day when their bodies were found, Eden was set to testify before the commission of appointments to protest Palparan’s impending promotion as Army general.

Nine years have passed, and despite several investigations by government, non-government, local and foreign institutions,  no one has ever been convicted nor arrested for the killing of Eden and Eddie.

Palparan, who would be accused of committing more heinous crimes until the end of, or perhaps even after, his military career, remain free. This, despite the issuance of an arrest warrant for his involvement in the disappearance of two student activists in 2006.

Justice for Eden and Eddie, justice for all victims of human rights violations.

“Sulyap sa Kadakilaan” | A video tribute released by STeXposure in 2003 showing a glimpe into the life and struggle of Eden and Eddie.

“Mindoro NFFM: Marcellana and Gumanoy case” | A video of the reenactment of the events that led to murders Eden and Eddie. Shot during the National Fact Finding Mission by Karapatan, National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers, nad the government’s Task Force Mindoro.

Learn more about and Eden and Eddie, visit these links:

****Join the Hunt for Palparan! You can help by spreading this poster:


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